Thursday, March 31, 2016

Reporting the Noose

Heaping free campaign publicity on a man who wants to crush freedom of the press. The media is playing a very dangerous game.


"Just this once, we promise!"

Friday, March 25, 2016


Who knows, maybe they'll finally get fed up with corrupt electoral bureaucracy and settle things the old fashioned way. Trump clearly wants this to happen (but Bernie would win).

Protest Smart

Use your heads, comrades. If you want to fight Trump, fight Trump. Making random people wait in traffic isn't going to win us any new recruits.


It doesn't work this way, comrades. Please just grit your teeth and vote. Keeping Trump away is more important than our pride.


Remember back during the Arab Spring when people wouldn't shut up about how Facebook was going to be this big awesome force for progressive change in the Middle East? Yeah...about that. Now it seems they've been censoring YPG/J pages.

Hand Signals

I don't usually do caricatures of specific politicians but we'd better get the Trump jokes in now, while we still can, before he takes over and smashes freedom of speech like he says he will.


Non-renewable Resource

There could be a serious shortage if Rojava succeeds. Better to invest in sustainable alternative fuel, like insufferable editorials about how "it's not real anarchism." Those never run out!

Another Stick in the Wall

It's called a fasces, kids. Do your research.

The Curse

A mild-mannered liberal defender of civil liberties by day, he hides a terrible secret: on certain nights, when a certain issue rises, he...changes!

Riot Armor

Spraying Lead

According to standard procedure, Flint's plumbing system should get paid administrative leave and possibly a stern lecture.


For those special nights when fascists need to trick Europe into thinking that they give a shit about protecting women.

Pepperidge Agricultural Collective

 Meme time!

Extra Weight

I want to be wrong about this, I really do. I hope that this deal can be the beginning of a new era in which Japan finally comes to terms with the dark side of its past. But knowing that Chinese expansion is the big East Asian headline these days, and that neither Abe nor Park actually gives a shit about the comfort women, it's hard not to be cynical.

PS. Yes, I know her hands are in the wrong place; the statue was half-covered in blankets when I saw it and I forgot to check a photo before drawing. Sorry.

Balance of Firepower

Now might not be the wisest time for the Left to voluntarily disarm itself.

March to War

tl;dr: revolutionaries who need a tl;dr are part of the problem.


Long Nap

The monster is stirring again. Perhaps it's time to be a little more concerned.

Pick a side and fill in the blanks!

Crowded Skies

A reminder of where the real war against ISIS is being fought.

Bomb Thrower

Our own xenophobic paranoia is the weapon that could let ISIS truly tear the West apart.

ISIS's Nightmare

Terrorists Win

Sadly, this one just keeps getting more relevant.

Steampunk Goggles

I love the steampunk aesthetic, but the Victorian aristocracy doesn't deserve to be glorified any more than the working class deserves to be ignored. We need more class war steampunk. Or would that just be punk? I don't know, whatever, I just want to see the magical clockwork airship factory on strike.

Damn Lazy Millennials

IMAFS 2: The Next Offensive


I decided it was finally time to upgrade from deviantart and start a real blog. it is. But don't worry, all the cartoons on my deviantart page will still be there, even the really old ones that are kind of embarrassing to look back on.